Harasser of Sonarika bhadoria arrested [harrased since 8 months]

Sonarika bhadoria is one of the shining star of television and fame of devon ke dev mahadev as “parvati”. She is hugely popular due to her role in it. But from last several months, a stalker was harassing her who has been caught by the police now. Let’s, know the full details about the sonarika bhadoria harassment case.

Sonarika bhadoria harassment

The stalker was arrested by police and is known to be a 23 year college student who is also a old fan of sonarika from kurkheda in Maharashtra.

She had reported to police in February and they had finally caught him on 28th april 2017. She was been harassed from last 8 months.

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She got calls and messages from him from last 8 months and when she tried to block him, he used other numbers and harassed repeatedly.

She was fed up of it and was a little bit scared and finally reported at police on February 2017 because when she switched off her phone for few days her family members started getting calls from him.

The assistant police inspector of Kurar Police Station “Suryakant Kharat” was quoted as saying that they were able to track the man using is cellphone records and during interrogation they came to know that the sonarika bhadoria harraser was in love with her and wanted to marry her.

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