How to use in Android Mobile to get browsing speed upto 500Mbps is a remote desktop on which the user has it’s full control, This post will cover some topics about such as what is How to use in android mobile to get browsing speed up to 500 Mbps. This remote desktop also gives an incredible speed for browsing which is up to 500 Mbps and also more , You can surf your Favorite YouTube videos,Netflix,Hulu etc., at a much higher speed moreover you can also run it on your android device.

How to use in android mobile

Some awesome Features of helps users to get a high speed browsing experience and also it is very much useful for video calling even if you have a slow internet connection. is absolutely free and you can also use in android mobile.

  • You can chat with your friends,relatives,family and the beloved ones from it.
  • It provides video calling which helps you to have a video conference with your friends even if you are having slow internet connection.
  • You can enjoy watching movies,shows etc., with your family & friends even if they are far away.
  • It helps you to interact with everyone and let you never feel lonely.
  • gives you a separate room where you can watch anything you want at high speed.
  • It has two qualities for watching movies/shows : LD, HD [low/high definition]
  • You can also download files from it at blazing speed but the files will not be saved in your hard disk but you can upload those files on cloud and later on download them.
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How to Register on

So, After covering all the features here I will tell you how to register on

Enter all the details required for signing up such as;

First Name

Second Name




  • Verify your email and you are all set to rock.

how to use in android mobile

  • Now, Click on Go to my room, there you will see the dashboard as seen below:

how to use in android mobile


  • Now, you can start a video chat, just my mic and messages only.

You can start a chat from there or if you want to watch videos/shows etc., then click on messages only and then you will see an option to decide what to watch as shown below:

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how to use in android mobile

  • Now, you can select from options given or directly insert the URL and watch all that you need at a blazing speed.
  • Here is the speed test that we had tested personally on

how to use in android mobile

So now you are all set with , let’s check how to use in android mobile.

Requirements to use in Android mobile:

How to use in android mobile:

Now you are all set to use in android mobile just follow below steps after installing Mozilla Firefox for android 

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser in your android mobile.
  • Go to and sign in with your details.
  • Click on go to my room.
  • Done.. Now surf,chat,watch,stream at much higher speed.
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So, By this way you can use in android mobile for more posts like it. Share us with Friends.


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